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December 2014


Intrigued?  This is page two from the upcoming Bride of Lady Frankenstein.  Paul Schultz and I decided to create a sequel to the public domain Euro-trash horror film.  I'm happy with the script, and Paul is happily bringing the characters to life.  We think you'll enjoy it.

Check out my horror host show...
My online horror host program, Weird-O-Rama, now has thirty-four episodes available for your viewing pleasure.  The current episode shows a double feature of cliffhanger serial episodes and retro TV shows.  You can find the show on YouTube and at Weird-O-Rama.com.  I grew up as a "monster kid" watching
Nightmare Theatre hosted by the Shroud.  When I learned that there were no such programs around here, I started my own.  I also have a blog for my host - Victor Von Psychotron.
My next convention is...

Probably the Indiana Comic Con March 13-15th.  There's a good chance Paul Schultz, Madison Martin, Goddess Samantha, and Jack Knifely will be with me.  Watch this space for more details

Days of the Dead Chicago turned out to be a good time, even with the absence of David Warner.

Don't forget the Pickle Press blog, the Facebook fan pages, and my Twitter account...
I keep the Pickle Press blog updated more often than the website here (I shoot for once a week), so be sure to check it for more photos and weekly updates of my various projects and convention appearances.  I also have a Twitter account (@NikHavert), so you can catch me there as well.  I have three fan pages on Facebook as well, one for Pickle Press one for my non-comic book work, and one for Weird-O-Rama.  Check them out when you get a chance.

Book news

I'm working on a non-fiction book - a film guide to disaster movies of the 1950's - 1970's.  I've started lettering on Stripper Viking #3 soon.
There are more updates on the Titles page in the "Future Titles" section.  Look for the UPDATED! or NEW! markings.

Looking for work or more about me?

If you are a penciller, inker, and/ or colorist, please feel free to check out the "Future titles from Pickle Press" part of the Titles page for job opportunities with Pickle Press.  I will post the current state of various projects that need drawn, inked, and/or colored.  If you're looking for work with Pickle Press, that will be the place to find it.  

You can use the links below to find out more about me and my various projects and the people with whom I have created these things.  I hope you will continue to support Pickle Press and indie comics.

The official Pickle Press blog - Weekly updates on Pickle Press projects and other ramblings.

Living for the End - My blog about me living like the world really will end in 2012.

Weird-O-Rama - My YouTube horror host show.

Victor Von Psychotron - The blog for my horror host show.

Weird-O-Rama.com - The official website for my horror host show.

@NikHavert - My Twitter page.

Nik's 2014 convention schedule

February 07-09th: Days of the Dead Atlanta - (A fun time!)

March 14-16th: Indiana Comic Con - Indianapolis, IN -
 (possibly my best show ever)

May 17-18th: Appleseed Con - Ft. Wayne, IN (Great to see old friends and make some new ones.)

June 29th: Days of the Dead Indianapolis - (Got kissed by Sybil Danning!)

August 08-10th: Flashback Weekend - Rosemont, IL (A fun show with better sales than I realized at first.)

October 10-12:
 Monster Bash - Mars, PA (A fun, fan-friendly and guest-friendly show.)

November 23rd: Days of the Dead - Rosemont, IL (A good time catching up with friends.)

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